Villa Viridis
Holidays at Hungary's largest National Park

Premium accommodation and services at the foothills of the Bükk National Park

Quiet, green, relaxing environment, yet many programme opportunities


Active outdoors and relaxing holidays

The Villa is located right at the foothills of Hungary’s largest National Park, in a green environment. It is surrounded by areas of hilly woodland, open water, marshland and grassland plains. They offer fanastic opportunities for eg cycling, running, horse riding, kayaking, hiking, Segway trips, survival days etc.

Or, you can simply hang around, relax and perhaps visit one of the local wine cellars for a tasting session.

For amateur naturalists

This large area boasts highly diverse flora and fauna. It is amongst Europe’s top birdwatching destinations. The Bükk Hills National Park is also an IDA certified Dark Sky Park.

So you might be an amateur naturalist or birdwatcher, interested in wildlife photography or your kids love adventure family holidays (perhaps mixed with horse riding), have a look around the website to see what we offer.


Fun for all

There are loads of programme opportunities around us. As a taster: night sessions at the nearby unique cave bath, cultural and musical events, electric, freshwater beaches and lidos, etc.

Just let us know what sort of programmes you are interested in and we will assist you with advice, organising and booking.

Some thematic programme opportunities


Programmes for Families

Both nature-focused and more ‘urban’ activities are available around us. One day you may opt for canoeing in the wilderness of a vast fresh water nature reserve. Or you can participate in exciting conservation activities with rangers of the National Park, for example the relocation of protected newts. Next day you may visit a water fun park, a summer bob slide and a tree-top adventure park. Or you may choose to spend the whole holiday on horseback, discovering the Bükk Hills National Park.

You will also love our two-bedroom family suite, suitable for up to 5 people - it's highly popular so, to avoid diasappointment, book well ahead.

We are more than happy to assist you with advice, organising and booking - just let us know the sort of activities you are interested in.


Horse Riding

The unique aspect of horse riding at Villa Viridis is the vast area of the Bükk Hills National Park. It offers picturesque and varied terrain for riders.

Our partner stable instructors are not only fully qualified but even trained in equine-assisted therapy. They work with carefully selected and experienced horses, whcih suit both adults and young children and riding skills from beginner to expert.

Experienced riders may enjoy days of riding in the National Park.


Expert-led Nature Watch & Stargazing

Programmes led by professional guides. They suit both beginners and families as well as more advanced ‘naturalists’.

For example, a programme that focuses on the general appreciation of nature mixed with outdoor games is ideal for families.

Meanwhile specialist and highly focused birdwatching, butterflies & dragonflies, bats and stargazing programmes are for the more advanced nature watchers.


Nature Photography

Would you like to exploit fantastic photo opportunitities offered by the protected areas surrounding us? Are you a beginner or are you a pro? We have fantastic programme opportunities for you! You will be out hiking and sitting in hides, so you will put your kit and techniques to use for real.

Guides are either rangers or experienced masters of nature photography - depending on your interests and level of skill. You can opt for fieldwork only or a mix of fieldwork and skills workshops. Alternatively, you may be after something unique, such as learning about archaic photography.

Looking for a relaxing or more active nature holiday?

Visit us and recharge outdoors

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